Favourite Facts of France

France is the home of fizz (well, Champagne), so we’ve dedicated an entire month to the country! France also has a special place in our hearts as The Fizz Company was established to sell small producer Champagne. For a bit of fun we’ve shared our favourite facts about France with you.


Eiffel Tower
  • Did you know the carbon dioxide in champagne develops in the bottle in the cellar?


  • The Eiffel Tower shrinks by 6 inches in cold weather! If you fancy a challenge there are 1665 steps and it takes 60 tonnes of paint to repaint the tower.


  • The smelliest cheese in France is Epoisses de Bourgogne. So smelly it’s banned on some public transport.


  • Did you know there is a town in Champagne called Bouzy?!


  • The French eat 500 million snails a year!  Snails pair perfectly with a chilled glass of Sancerre.


  • Cheers in French is à votre santé meaning to your health and often shortened to santé.


  • The French munch their way through 10 billion baguettes a year!


  • Crémant is made in the same way as Champagne just not in Champagne. They come from various regions in France including the Loire, Bourgogne, Alsace & Limoux.


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