Don’t snooze. Do something different today.

Welcome to the daily grind.


Alarm, snooze button, alarm (again), quick shower, coffee, breakfast and so on. It takes time and not inconsiderable effort to break free from our usual routine.

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However, we strongly feel that taking yourself out of your comfort zone can result in the most wonderful new experiences.



For example, take your weekly shopping basket … if you always buy the same sparkling wines, how will you find out what other ‘wonders’ you could be missing out on?

We choose to work with small family producers precisely because we want to offer a range of fizz, which is not mass-manufactured and lining the shelves of every major high-street supermarket.  We seek out fizz, on your behalf, which offers great value, a true reflection of the weather, climate and vineyard it has been harvested from.  So in a nutshell, we are proud to stand out from the crowd.

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We challenge you to do something different … every day or just every now and then!

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From the happy team at The Fizz Company.