Doing a Yogi Bear

 There is definitely something magical about the great outdoors.  Whether you are looking for jaw-dropping views of majestic mountain ranges, an ocean to sit and stare at or you may just be happy to pop along to your local park.  Wherever you wander, why not throw a picnic together, just like Yogi Bear …



Here are our top tips for a perfect pic-a-nic experience:

  1. It’s always more manageable if you prepare finger food rather than faffing around with plates and lots of different cutlery pieces.
  2. Try not to forget them, for messy hands and also as a ‘soft plate’ for your finger food.
  3. If you are going to take some fizz with you, chill it properly before hand and keep it wrapped in a cool bag until you are ready to pop it (no bottle opener required.)
  4. Plastic flutes are cheap and easy to take with you.
  5. Most picnic food will go brilliantly with fizz, the light flavours and the savoury and salty elements of cheese and bread will pair well.
  6. Fruit and veg can be pre-chopped and put into containers so you will be peel, core, seed and skin free.
  7. If you require a post meal ‘naughty’ why take a tray bake; pre-cut into easy to share squares. Better than trying to spoon creamy runny dishes into bowls.
  8. Take lots of post nibble wipes and a bag for any rubbish.

Possible fizz to pair with your picnic….

Masia Bou Cava Rosé

cava-by-the-wall-low-rescava and cheese











Prosecco Vignarosa


Cheers from The Fizz Company.