Chinese New Year – last but not least!

Chinese New Year is 5th February this year.

It’s the Year of the Pig; the last animal of the zodiac. Pigs are a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year - last but not least!

Opportunities for celebration are few and far between on a Tuesday night so if you do fancy cracking open a bottle on a school night – just this once – here are some matching tips!!

Dumplings are quite delicate in flavour, generally containing pork or prawn and mildly flavoured vegetables. A deeply flavoured wine might overpower these subtle flavours. The good news is blanc de blancs champagne is a perfect pairing for dumplings!

Chinese New Year - last but not least!

Spring Rolls are a fried version of dumplings and sometimes a little saltier. Prosecco is a fizz which pairs very well with salty food.

Crispy Duck Pancakes demand something fruity to match with the plum sauce. Cross the ‘Pond’ to the states for a fruity Oregon or Sonoma Pinot Noir. Yummy!

Chinese New Year - last but not least!

Fish is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Consider a dry Riesling with steamed Cantonese fish flavoured with ginger and soy sauce. Riesling paris perfect with many Asian dishes.

Cheers and xīn nián kuài lè to all our Chinese friends.