Thierry Triolet and his wife Frederique from Champagne Triolet

Champagne Triolet

Thierry Triolet’s vineyard lies in the village of Bethon in the south of the Champagne region in the Côte de Sézanne - an area renowned for high quality chardonnay. Thierry runs the vineyard with the help of his wife Frédérique and they have been Récoltant-Manipulants since the 1960’s. Triolet is a well known and well respected name in the area of Bethon, with several family members running their own small vineyards.


Thierry and Frédérique are responsible for and completely involved in every step of the champagne making process from the viticulture – tending the vines,  to the viniculture – making the champagne.

Thierry and Frédérique are proud of the full traceability this gives their consumers. Like many small producers Thierry sells some of his grapes to the big houses, his famous customers include Krug and Billecart-Salmon.


As well as selling their champagne in the UK through The Fizz Company, Triolet sell in France and the U.S through a network of long established customers and distributors.