The Champagne House of G.Tribaut in Hautvillers

Champagne G. Tribaut

Champagne G. Tribaut lies in the picturesque village of Hautvillers and if you ever find yourself at a loose end in the Marne valley, it is well worth a visit! Hautvillers is one of the most famous villages in the Champagne region, made so by Dom Perignon who lived at the abbey nearby G. Tribaut.

Champagne G.Tribaut ghislain tribaut triabut garden

A warm welcome awaits at G.Tribaut – with Valerie Coudrain-Tribaut (pictured above) keen to sit you down at the tasting table to sample the latest products, whatever the time of day! If you are fortunate to visit on a warm day you can enjoy a flute in the garden while you survey the vines, otherwise the tasting room is charming and quaint.

The family own 12 hectares of vines in the Premier Cru village of Hautvillers and it’s here they grow all three grape varieties to make their  champagnes. Ghislain Tribaut (pictured above) has recently handed over the reigns to his son and daughter Valerie, however he still keeps a close eye on things is in the winery most days! G.Tribaut have a very loyal following in the UK and are renowned for their light, delicate and elegant champagnes. Their champagnes sit at the drier end of brut champagne which allows the fruit to shine through and enhances freshness.