Michel Forget- From Champagne Forget Brimont

Champagne Forget-Brimont

Wine making in the Forget family has been a tradition since Louis Forget created his own vineyard at the beginning of the 19th century. Six generations later it is Michel Forget who continues the tradition. He has won many international awards for his champagnes.

The family label was established back in 1920, when a modest one hundred bottles were produced! Production at Forget-Brimont has increased significantly since then and now 280,000 bottles leave the cellars each year. In order to achieve this output, Forget-Brimont own 15 hectares of vines on Montagne de Reims.

They also have vines in the grand cru villages of Mailly and Verzenay  as well as in Ludes and Rilly-la-Montagne which are Premier Cru villages. Michel’s wonderful, rich champagnes are characteristic of the Pinot Noir (grown in the north of Montagne de Reims) which produces fantastic, full bodied wines.