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February Fizz tasted and tested by the chaps

Our lady Fizz Company Tasters for February have spoken, now it’s the turn of the chaps. Two men were picked from the champagne bucket this month.

Here’s what they had to say:

Keith Hartley gave the Bolney’s Blanc de Blancs English sparkling a whirl, but sadly it didn’t quite float his boat…

When we opened the bottle and poured two glasses out we had high expectations. Lovely colour and bubbles were plentiful. However, the two of us suffered varying degrees of disappointment. I thought it was okay but was the smell was unusual and the taste wasn’t as hoped. My partner had half a glass and found the yeasty bread-like smell and taste off putting…..thankfully she had a bottle of Cava on standby! Most definitely not in the same league as other English sparking wines like Chapel Down or Nyetimber.



This Blanc de Blancs is from 2009 so it’s been in the cellar on it’s ‘lees’ for around 6 years. (Lees is the sediment left after the yeast and sugar have reacted in the bottle). This ageing can impart a yeasty, bready flavour in a sparkling wine. Some people enjoy this flavour (it’s a little reminiscent of fino sherry) whilst others are less keen.

The next Fizz Company Taster drawn turned out to be a sommelier! Note the professional pouring style, demonstrated by Lionel!



Here’s what Lionel thought of the G.Tribaut Brut Reserve champagne

G. Tribaut Champagne has a light and delicate bubble. The colour is pale yellow. The nose is discreet, with some fresh ripe yellow fruits like peaches. Florals and sweet spices complete the aroma. On the palate the bubbles are gentle and smooth with a hint of brioche and almond flavour. The finish is clean and refreshing with some citrus notes. I would serve in a classic flute glass at around 8 degrees Celsius. I would serve as an aperitif or with fresh fruit cake. It is good value for money.

Many thanks to both Keith and Lionel for taking part. Look out for the March Fizz Company Tasters, they’ll be announced soon.

Cheers from Helen at the Fizz Company.

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