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March Fizz Tasters have ‘got their beaks in’

We sent two bottles of  Ellner champagne out this month for our Fizz Tasters’ opinions.

Duncan Eyre, gallantly deferred to his partner Claire (an experienced fizz drinker!) for her thoughts on Charles Ellner Premier Cru champagne.

Claire awarded the Premier Cru champagne 5 stars and said:

I have been selected as this months fizz taster… I can’t believe it, I’m absolutely thrilled!! I ‘love’ bubbles so couldn’t wait to try the Charles Ellner Premier Cru champagne promised by Helen. After much anticipation, tonight we’ve popped the cork and have not been disappointed! The Charles Ellner Premier Cru is delicious – very easy to drink. There is no bitterness or acidity to it at all which makes it a real treat to drink. You can really taste the brioche for sure but, it’s not too overpowering. It leaves a lovely aftertaste. It also has a slight sweet taste which I personally prefer over a more bitter champagne.

In my opinion this champagne would be an ideal accompaniment to a celebratory breakfast, complimenting croissants with sweet, sticky fruit preserves. If I was forced to pick a fault with the Charles Ellner Premier Cru I would have to say that it does loose its ‘fizz’ if it has sat in the glass for a short period of time.

I would definitely buy this over other well known champagnes priced in a similar bracket.

Thank you Helen for letting us try a beautiful bottle of champagne. It arrived promptly and very safely packaged.

So if you like rich champagnes this could have your name on it! We like the idea of enjoying it at a special breakfast 🙂

Another Claire (Hupston) tried Charles Ellner Brut Integral champagne for us. (This is a ‘skinny’ fizz as it has no sugar added at the end of production.)

Claire’s score was 2 stars and her thoughts were as follows:

Whilst especially dry and light with a sweet aroma the abundant taste of citrus fruits was overpowering.
As an aperitif we felt it overwhelmed the senses, so for us this would need to accompany seafood canapes or starters.
Rather more acidic than our usual choices with a strong citrus kick and mineral after taste.

Sorry Claire, this champagne is like super-fuelled sherbet lemons – if you like that real citrus intensity, this champagne is a hit, but it’s not to everyone’s taste…

Next up was Don Mitchell, who agreed to taste Triolet Reserve champagne. Don enjoyed the champagne and gave it 5 stars:

A lovely buttery but fresh experience in the mouth, this is not a sweet champagne, but for me there is a fruity hint akin to raisin, which I very much enjoyed. Price-wise, I think this champagne punches above its weight and great as it is to drink on its own, I would also be tempted to pair it with white meat dishes in light/buttery, non-acidic sauces.

Last but not least, Ailish Laughlin and her cat Snowball! Ailish gave Forget-Chemin Rosé champagne a whirl. She gave this 4 stars and said:

Lots of flavours, berries for sure, perfect with dinner as well as drinking on its own. It’s a very deep pink though – perhaps a bit off putting for some. A drink for the girls!

Once again thanks to our Fizz Company Tasters who participated in March. The lucky tasters for April will be announced soon!

Cheers from The Fizz Company HQ,


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