Catch on to Crémant

Catch on to Crémant

For many of us, our first taste of fizz was Prosecco. Sure, we all love how easy it is to sip and we know what to expect and that’s fine. If you’re ready for something new, to be on the crest of a wave which carries you to new and exciting shores, we can offer you a champagne taste with a champagne “lite” budget. It can always be risky trying a new drink, but with the vigorous taste testing we do at Fizz HQ, we assure you it’s worth a try!

Crémant is the new thing in fizz. This French sparkling wine is made from the Méthode Traditionelle (champagne method). This traditional method of making Crémant means that extra time and care has gone into these bottles of bubbly.

Catch on to CrémantTo start you off, we’ve selected a few of our favourites; Crémant de Bourgogne comes from Burgundy, the region closest to Champagne. Made with 100% chardonnay grapes, be safe in the knowledge that this fizz delivers on the crisp and refreshing front – a great beginning for a get-together. If you’re not a fan of chardonnay, why not try our other Crémants; Delmas Crémant de Limoux or Comte de Grimm.

But what food could you have with it? Crémant means “creamy”, so a nice bit of fish with a creamy sauce would be perfect! The all-rounder fizz, “Crémant de Bourgogne” is vegan, so a great vegan pairing would be a creamy mushroom pasta dish.

So, put a pause on Prosecco, catch a Crémant and let us know how fantastic you think it is. 

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