The Fizz Company

British Fizz

Here at The Fizz Company HQ we’ve been interested in the debate concerning the future name of English sparkling wine.

This week the UK Vineyard Association applied for Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status so that only sparkling winemakers with grapes grown in England, Wales, or Scotland will be able to use the name ‘British Fizz’ on their labels. Champagne makers and the authorities there, strongly defend the name of Champagne and have repeatedly run campaigns to remind us all Champagne only comes from Champagne in France. So why should us Brits not put a stake in the ground?!


Summer in the Vineyard at Exton Park, Hampshire


It appears that the debate is not about applying for PGI status but much more abut the chosen name ‘Brit Fizz’.

Having surfed Twitter and Google the main complaints appear to be the perception that the word ‘fizz’ might cheapen the image of English sparkling wine, which should be seen in a classier light (and is beginning to hold its own against champagne).  Brit Fizz has also been described as unimaginative and even unnecessary.



We (obviously) like the word fizz here at HQ! We chose it for our company in the knowledge that it’s used in common parlance as a ‘collective’ noun for champagne or any other sparkling wine be it prosecco or cava etc. ” Anyone for fizz?!”

To us the word fizz has energy, suggests enthusiasm, something interesting and exciting. Fun times.



Everyone understands what fizz is and Brit Fizz is a bit shorter and snappier than English sparkling wine. Time will tell if it catches on, and surely how it tastes is the most important factor?  For now we’re happy to enjoy fizz, in all guises, nothing beats the sound of that cork popping…