About us


Initially wine, and in particular champagne, was a hobby of mine, and after several visits to the champagne region, I became frustrated that the champagnes I enjoyed over there were not available over here. After working for many years in IT, I felt I really wanted a new challenge and one I would love; so I approached the growers directly to see if they would allow me to import their products to the UK. They agreed, and Champagne Warehouse was born.

Our very own action woman – Teresa! AKA Tree

Since my degree in French and Spanish, I have always been involved in small business marketing. So when the idea for champagne warehouse was born I didn’t need asking twice to come on board!  10 years on, I still get a huge buzz when I see our champagnes on retailers shelves, restaurant lists and in the media.

Helen AKA Hels or H

I live with Tony- his passion for all things Grower champagne is infectious. I caught the Fizz bug in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. I have learned loads about champagne, managing a website, social media and recently passed the WSET Advanced (professional wine exams) with merit.


Rebecca AKA B

Helen and I have been friends for years; when Tony approached me to join the team I jumped at the opportunity, having been a fizz devotee for many years! I manage our  Fizz Club and am tasked with the exciting job of researching and developing new business streams within Champagne Warehouse. I was also delighted to pass the WSET Advanced (professional wine exams) with merit.

Get to know us…

CIVC 2014

Teresa, Rebecca, Helen and Tony

What makes you, you?

Tony: My organisation, my ideas, my stress, my family and my ambition.

Tree: My sense of humour and sense of humour failure when I get scared! Loyalty and laughter.

H: My energy, my kindness, my clumsiness, my occasional bad temper & my family and friends.

B: Friends, family, experiences, chitter chatter and the need for funny, painful, new, happy stories to be told.

Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with?

Tony: Either Dave Gilmore or Roger Waters, but probably not together !!!

Tree: Lee Mack.. He would have me in hysterics!

H: Rowan Atkinson

B: Bette Midler

Tony and the wonderful women at Champagne Warehouse!!! (York Food Festival 2013)

Tony and the wonderful women at Champagne Warehouse!!! (York Food Festival 2013)

What’s your favourite champagne moment?

Tony: Seeing my father pick up the crossword again after a month on his Alzeimer’s medication.

Tree: Seeing one our champagnes on a retailer’s shelf for the very first time!

H: When Tony proposed to me.

B: The sound of the first cork released at the beginning of a girls night in…

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Tony: Hoovering the stairs.

Tree: Putting the bins out! Definitely a “blue” job in our house!

H: Emptying the dishwasher

B: Ironing

Hels and B during a visit to Champagne G. Tribaut

Favourite part of working for champagne warehouse?

Tony: Visiting the vineyards.

Tree: Meeting the growers and seeing their love and passion for their wines.

H: Meeting people and talking to them about all things bubbly.

B: Working at festivals and sharing the Champagne Warehouse love.

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tony: Enjoy life.

Tree: Always give 100% to everything you do!

H: Be true to yourself.

B: Be confident.

Tony on his way to Robin Hood’s Bay from Whitby (Summer 2012!!!)