Why pay more for a ‘well-known’ brand?


Liquid or label – You choose!!

Okay, so we are not going to pretend you will recognise any of the labels on our bottles.

It’s probably true that our producers won’t win any prizes for brand building or marketing spend. However, an unknown label can often be very positive, a sign the producers channel their finances into growing grapes and striving to make really good wines.

Want to know a secret?

Why don’t you hear a whisper from these small producers? Is it nonchalance or naivety? It’s simply that they do a roaring trade in their own backyard. The French, Italians and Spanish drink almost as much small producer champagne, prosecco and cava as they do famous brands, they really value small producer sparkling wines.

Small producer champagnes, proseccos and cavas are, as the name suggests, much smaller in production; they make a few thousand bottles rather than several million. They are not mass produced.
We have had to cajole, beg and plead with some of the producers to let their fizz come over the Channel because they already have such an eager market at the cellar door.


The champagnes, proseccos and cavas that we offer are winning awards nationally and internationally. The small producers focus their efforts into gaining credit for excellent quality. Our customers think they’re special too…

Affordable Luxury

For us, the smart money goes straight into the glass, no fuss just fantastic fizz. Stripping out the advertising and marketing costs allows you affordable luxury, a little more often.